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Many real estate companies have been struggling till date to reach the position of Godrej Properties. Ardeshir Godrej along with his brother Pirojasha Godrej in the year 1897 first started the business of Lock engineering. From that period of time the company has made a huge progress in this business and it became the main aim of the company to give the first preference to the value of life by giving the ultimate attention.The Godrej Group has its wings spread across the globe. This group has been a renowned face in the world and left its presence internationally in 60 countries. From that the company has been earning 25% of revenue. This has made the company to make its wings stronger by providing the best quality things to the customers in each and every part of the world according to their needs. The possessions  made by the

company India has been the recorder of many developments that has been taking place. Godrej Apartment the Suites is one among them. The company made its inception in the year 1990 and has been the first company in the business of housing developments to get an ISO certification. The company has been one of the most trustworthy firms among all the multinational companies that are involved in the business of housing estates. The beautiful works of engineering, architecture and technological innovation has made the company to run in the cities like Nagpur, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Chandigarh and much more.

There are many projects that has been made by Godrej. The Planet Godrej which has been one of the best and top class housing societies shaping up in Mumbai has been awarded with the best residential projects. The company has been awarded by the most prestigious awards for many times. This recognition has been provided to the company because of the rank that it holds in this business for the years and till now. The projects that the company has made in different parts of the city have been one of the renowned ones with the awards and recognitions that are always on their credit.

The company has always made their focus on making homes that are really beautiful and has been installed in the places which in the later years became the heart of the city. In the cities of Pune and Kalyan, the company has made their presence by developing residential projects that are worth of anything else. The creativity of the corporate stratagem is so great that the company made their entrance In the AR Landcraft within a short period of time.The main usp of the group is that they know the line and the economics of the country in a very well manner. For this reason the company has been making homes in such a manner that everyone should be able to cope up with the financial standards despite of their social standards.

This has also led to the betterment of the country and also for the coming generations.